Kieli Kitap is available on a number of devices. For more information about each one, please click on the different versions below. It is also possible to read online.

andrAndroid Version

1. From your Android phone, go to the Play Store, search for the app called “Kieli Kitap

2. Select “Киелі Кітап (Kazakh Bible)” and install


1. From your Android phone, go to the Play Store, search for and install the app called “And Bible

2. Open the And Bible app and select “Menu”

3. From the menu, select “More”

4. Then select “Download Documents”

5. From the “Languages” menu at the top left, choose “қазақша”

6. Then select the “KAZ киелі кітап (Synodal)” version and “Ok”.  This may take some time so please ensure you have a good internet connection.

To select a different installed version, from the main screen follow steps 2 to 4 and select the version you want.

appleiPhone/iPad Versions

1. From your iPhone, go to the App Store, search for and install the App called “PocketSword

2. Open the PocketSword app and select “More” in the bottom right

3. From the list, select “Downloads”, and then “CrossWire”

4. Then select “Biblical Texts”

5. Then select “Kazakh” and then “Kieli Kitap”

6. Lastly select “Install” in the top right-hand corner to install the Bible

To select a different installed version, from the main screen select the button in the top right-hand corner for each version.

winWindows Phone/Tablet Version

1. From your windows phone or tablet, go to the Windows App Store and search for and install the app called “Cross Connect

2. Open Cross Connect and press the “Download Bible” and “Download Bible List”

3. From the language menu, select “Kazakh

4. Then select “Download Bible

Computer Versions

Version Description Download
Portable Version This is the recommended method and is easier than installing it on your computer as the Kieli Kitap text is already in the software. Installation is not required. Simply download and run the program from the folder each time you want to use it.

  • Download and save the zip file from here.
  • Unzip the file and save the contents somewhere on your computer that is easily accessible (like on the Desktop).
  • Open the folder and double-click on the file HB-portable.exe.
3.10 (53Мб)
Installable Version This installs the application on your computer and will be easily accessible from the start menu links.

Note: Once you have installed the application you will need to download and install the Kieli Kitap module as well.

  • Download and save the setup file.
  • Double-click on the installation file and follow the instructions to install the Holy Bible software.
3.10 (23Mб)
Kieli Kitap Module Installation instructions

  • Download and save the Kieli Kitap module.
  • Open the Holy Bible software and click the “File” menu, choose “Add New Modules” and then select the file “Kazakh-3.3.xsm that you downloaded.
  • Successful installation of the module will add a new “KAZ” Bible text to the program as well as the Kazakh language interface.
3.5 (3.7Мб)

Alternatively you may download the program and Kazakh module from the IBT website: Additional modules are also available from this site and maybe be included in either the installed or the portable version of the software.

javaMobile Telephone Versions

Java-enabled cellphones Cellphones that support Java applications can use this software. You should choose which version your phone can support and download the required files to your computer. Then copy the files to your phone and open or install the application as required. For more information please see the detail about the files below.

Version Description 1 File, 3 Files, 5 Files
Kazakh letters For phones that support Kazakh letters One file (2.0 Мб)
Three files (2.0 Мб)
Five files (2.1 Мб)
Russian Letters For phones that do not support Kazakh letters but do support Russian letters One file (1.9 Мб)
Three files (2.0 Мб)
Five files (2.0 Мб)
Russian and Latin letters For phones that do not support Kazakh letters but using a combination of Russian and Latin letters to better reflect the Kazakh letters. One file (1.9 Мб)
Three files (2.0 Мб)
Five files (2.0 Мб)

Installation Instructions

Whether or not these modules will work on your phone depends on many factors. For example, your phone must support java applications (jar files). We recommend that you download the files to a computer and then use a cable or Bluetooth to put them onto your phone.

  • First: Decide how many pieces you need. The .jar file size for the entire Kieli Kitap is somewhat less than 2MB. However, many phones are unable to handle files this large – therefore we provide this module broken into 1, 3 or 5 pieces. We suggest you try to install the largest file on your phone and then work down in size.
  • Second: The file you download is a zip file. You will need to decompress this file which will result in a .jar and a .jad file. In most cases, only the .jar file is needed so we suggest you try to install the .jar file alone. If that does not work, send the .jad file to your phone as well.

Also consider: If you find these modules useful you may want to pass them on to your friends from your phone. In order to do this you will need to put the necessary files in the “other” folder in your phone. This can be done from a computer with the cable provided with your phone. Once the files are there, you can send them to your friends via Bluetooth.

If you have the files in the “other” folder on your phone and want to give the capability to distribute to a friend with another phone which uses a compatible memory card – this can be done as follows:

  • Put the .jar file and .jad file in the “other” folder on your phone’s own memory (i.e. the memory which remains when the memory card is taken out).
  • Take your memory card out and put your friend’s memory card into your phone.
  • Copy the .jar and .jad files from the phone’s memory to your friend’s memory card inside your phone. Give your friend back his memory card with the files now in the right place. Both of your phones can now send the files on to others via Bluetooth.

It is also possible to Bluetooth the files to your friend however most phones will install the files automatically and hence they will not be able to distribute these files to others.


The Kazakh Bible is available for Kindle, NOOK, Kobo and other e-readers.

  • Download the .mobi file for Kindle here or the .azw3 file for newer Kindles (Kindle Fire) here.
  • Download the .epub file for other E-readers (NOOK, Kobi, etc.) here.

Attach your E-reader to you computer and copy the downloaded file across.

dvd2DVD Version

The Kazakh Bible is available on DVD where the text can be read using a DVD-player and TV. Where available, the audio will accompany the text.

Installation Instructions:

1. Click here to download the ISO file. It is a large file (4.2GB) and you will need a stable internet connection.

2. Burn the ISO file to a DVD using your computer.

3. Insert the DVD into a DVD player or a computer to read and listen to the Kazakh Bible.

For more information about this please contact us.


There are a number of other applications and programs that you can use to read the Kazakh Bible. Visit to find out more.

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