© Orta Asia Baspasy, 1993, 1996, 2000, 2010.

Obtaining permission to make copies

If you want to apply for permission to make copies of this translation of Kieli Kitap, or if you have any questions regarding the copyright on this translation, or other questions, please contact us here.

Printed copies of Kieli Kitap

If you want to find out how you can obtain printed copies of the Kazakh translation of the Bible, it can be done by contacting us here.

Conditions for making copies

Since 2014, everyone has been given the right to make a limited number of electronic copies, without authorization, provided that they meet each of the following conditions:

  1. For everyone, the number of electronic copies does not exceed (10)
  2. In making copies of the Kazakh Translation of the Bible, no changes will be introduced to the text; nothing will be added or taken away from the text; nothing will be changed in the text; nothing will be edited in the text; the text will be left in its original form. In order that misunderstandings are avoided, a copy of this copyright notice should also be included
  3. Copies will only be made in electronic format (DVD, CD, flash drive) from the original translation
  4. Copies will not be sold either directly or indirectly, for reward, gift, or for anything else; not by the maker of the copies, nor by anyone else
  5. Neither the maker of the copy, nor persons involved in selling media content will sell copies, directly or indirectly; not for cash or for anything else
  6. Copies will not be sold along with any other item
  7. If any contradiction is found between these terms and conditions and that of the publishing house “Orta Asia Baspasy” (made available by the publisher to any person), the conditions of the publishing house will have priority.

This authorization may be revoked or changed at any time.
Before making copies, visit this site to check what the conditions are at that moment.
If you have any questions regarding copyright, please contact us.

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